Prima of decoration - decorative plaster

We perform a highly professional application of Venetian plaster, simulating different types of marble with a painting the veins.

Advantages of the decorative and Venetian plaster:

Decorative plaster provides a solid surface to building interiors. Wall plastering is an easier mode to add permanent design or texture to a room without experimenting with any undependable or difficult painting technique. Decorative plaster can be applied to add texture to a full room or to some specific area of the home like window and door surroundings. When remodelling or building a home, an apartment, a shop, a restaurant etc., need consider different aspects of wall plastering. It contains lots of advantages. Decorative plasters are reliable and long-lasting wall coating that combines attractive design and high mechanical resistance. When plastering a wall, you have plenty of choices for creating designs and styles with plasters. It has a great decorative appeal as you can decorate your interiors with different designs. In comparison to wallpaper, plastered walls are stronger and more durable. A chemical reaction occurs when the water escapes the plaster mixture and this is what makes the plastered walls stronger. Today, decorative plaster is the most popular material used on facades and interior. Structural plasters differ from each other in terms of the type of binding components and surface texture. Therefore, there are mineral, acryl, silicate and silicon plasters etc. In addition to well-known “rustic”’ and “stone” textures there are “mosaic” paint filled with quartz sand painted in various colors and also the exclusive texture called “red granite” where natural stone is used as a decorative element. Depending on your needs, we will recommend an optimal variant of wall decoration.

Interior and facade paints

Paints are equally easy to apply, do not splash, have excellent coating and spreading ability and as a result, optimal consumption rate. We use and recommend only paints of well-known world manufacturers, the quality of which is tested by time. Facade paints represent acryl-, silicon- and silicate-based building wall coatings, each having own particular advantages. Acryl paints have affordable price, silicate the highest steam penetration ratio, while silicone ones have water-repulsing effect and self-cleaning property. We use ordinary paints and structural paints which combine the advantages of decorative plasters and allow to create individual textures.

Decorative plasters - types, structures, textures

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We are engaged in finishing works: painting the interiors and facades, plastering, decorative plaster, Venetian plaster/stucco, decoration of the facades and fireplaces, decorative stucco works etc.

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Decoration of the fireplace by Venetian plaster